Vision – To become one of the desired suppliers for products and services for the road, railroad, civil and industrial constructions builders.

Mission – To make continuous effort in order to create value for our clients, to offer them products and quality services.


Integrity – Integrity and honesty are the basis of everything that we undergo.
Clients – The client is always the center of our preoccupation. We try to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them the desired products and complex service solutions, on time and by them being additional value generators. Our success is represented by our clients` satisfaction.
Employees – We treat each employee with dignity and respect. We value diversity at work place, as regards the educational background and professional culture of our employees.
Team work – We encourage the free exchange of thoughts and information in order to create a strong frame for the decisional process. Team work supposes communication and the communication supposes the receiving and offering of feedback (constructive feedback).
Community and environment – By using modern environmental politics we wish to ensure to the community a healthy developing base, in harmony with nature.


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